My work is based on visualizations of energy, inspired by particle physics and forms in nature. Fusing painting and physics, I create works which trace movement, energy and space.

Using digital technology to simulate atomic particle collisions,
I create hyper-energetic, cascading compositions from thousands of vibrantly-hued dots which grow, dissipate and dissolve.

Like an experiment at Brookhaven Labs, these colliding particles explore invisible forces to reveal structures and patterns of movement; conjuring phenomena such as fireworks, waterfalls, vortexes and eruptions.

My painting process starts with animating atomic particle collisions using software and capturing motion in a still frame. Tranferred to canvas or paper as a template, the still frame is painted by building layers of dots to interpret the image. Layer upon layer of overlapping tiny dots and fragile lines are
painstakingly hand-painted until they coalesce into iconic form.

Negotiating between stasis and movement, these forms chart
a metaphoric territory where gesture, line, motif and color bring drawing and painting into the architecture of a space.

Binding together concepts of time and process, they represent my interest in interacting with space to map transitory forces
that compel progression and growth.